Thursday, 10 April 2014


The end of light had come,
Blackness fell without a sound,
Replacing shadows and glints,
To which all are bound. 

Then he called across the waves,
Then he called across the plains,
Then he called through valleys,
Deeply scored in gritted earth. 

"What am I to do now that you have gone?"
Whilst he hung his head,
In sorrow and despair,
A soft and familiar voice,
Answered as a prayer. 

"As you say I've lost my life, yet,
I will remain should you not forget,
And things you saw with open eye,
You now may view with closed,
And passions vigorous with fire,
Can continue in repose.
But you have our young to grow,
Across years yet to come,
So lock me fast as when alive,
And take me home again." 

Often he would return,
To a place of empty sun,
Speaking with marble lips,
With whom his life begun. 

As she said their young did thrive,
Through their eyes she shone on him,
Till time called each away,
And the coat of purpose wore too thin.
Then to the strand one night he came,
And whispered across the depths,
That he was tired of internal sighs,
Could she give one last caress.  

"I am dying," he said aloud
"Then die my love and fall."
He sank upon his knees,
Then gently folded into the tide,
Which cared not to avoid him,
But rolled him side on side. 

When the light woke the day,
And water returned to ground,
Two people had died on that night,
But only one body found.
                                                              © 2013Connie's Words

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