Friday, 23 May 2014

The Descent

There used to be a road
That lead into the bay,
It is long forgotten now:
No one comes this way.

The water was green
Of a deep dark hue,
As if Satan
Had mixed the yellow and the blue.

Arriving in the night
Under a full and orange moon,
Taking each their place
Around that sombre lagoon.

A thousand years they stood,
Child, woman and man,
Waiting for the answer
As to why this all began.

On the day the bay was empty
The people commenced to move,
Holding hands they spiralled down
Into that unholy groove.

Each leaving their bones
To show they'd ever been.
In little heaps around the edge
Where water had lapped so green.

The level now restored,
It just required time,
And these small heaps have turned

Into humps of moss and slime.